Unable to Edit Vsphere 5.5 Virtual Machine without Web Client

Beginning in Vsphere 5.5 VmWare disallows editing of Vsphere Virtualmachines with Hardware v10.  In my most recent run in with this we had P2V’d a server and the resulting machine was v10.  Upon firing up the server we found we could not edit it.  Furthermore VmWare has thought to only include the Web client with vCenter server.  While we run vCenter in many applications this was not one of them.   I read online a bit and the suggested included things like running a new P2V or creating a new VM and attaching the disks.  In the end what worked for me was to browse the datastore and download the .vmx file.  I then edited the file to change the version from 10 to 9, renamed the current .vmx to .bak in the datastore and uploaded my edited copy.  Finally for good measure I removed the VM from inventory and re-added it.  I’m not sure this last bit was needed.  After this change my VM booted and ran successfully.  In my case I didn’t see any difference besides version number in a v9 vs v10 vmx file but I can’t promise that’s the case everywhere.  Good Luck!