TCP/IP Fundamentals Guide Released by Microsoft

Early on in my IT Career while working a temporary job as a pc tech I had the fortunate opportunity to take a Microsoft Certification course on TCP/IP.  A coworker of mine had to cancel and as such I recieved this training which was quite expensive at no cost.  I’ve always enjoyed learning and at the time thought it was a cool opportunity but since then have realized how much a simple foundation in networking, TCP/IP, and DNS is a critical part of being a quality technician, engineer, or administrator.   Tonight I came across the Guide: TCP/IP Fundamentals for Microsoft Windows which appears to be a fantastic instructional on networking and TCP/IP.  Check it out and if your new to this enter into it knowing that IP and subnettting is a boring thing but having a solid understanding of it and routing will give you a new understanding of the networks your employed to care for.