Installing ies4osx on 10.5.3 stalls out at “preparing wine prefixes”

I’ve recently done a rebuild of my Macbook Pro and decided to give ies4osx another go – for those of you who have not yet tried it this is a project that allows you to run Internet Explorer on your OSX system through use of darwine.  It is a port of the ies4linux project.

Apparently there are some known issues that cause darwine to fail on the latest versions of leopard typically stalling out on the error “preparing wine prefixes”.  To correct this issue I did two things.

Made sure I was running the latest verison of darwine – as it turns out I was one behind – current version is 1.0-rc5.  When installing this I did recieve and error that an installation step failed “running postupgrade script for darwine” This does not appear to impact the install and darwine runs successfully.

Second, I upgraded the version of XQuartz on the system to version 2.2.2