High Dock CPU and Memory usage with Apple Lion 10.7.2 and VmWare Fusion 4.0.2

Recently after updating my Mid-2010 Macbook Pro to OSX Lion 10.7.2 I began to notice huge slowdowns and lag.  Upon inspecting the Activity Console I noticed the following heaving system resource usage with the Dock.

Killing the dock process relaunches but quickly returns to it’s previous state.

After a bit of research I stumbled onto a thread over on the VmWare Forums referencing the issue.  You can read it for yourself but in short it suggests a bug related to VmWare Fusion folder sharing and the new spotlight integration with the dock.  Current workaround is to disable sharing.  To do so go into your virtual machine settings – select “Sharing” and turn the Sharing selector “Off”.  It’s somewhat of an inconvenience so hopefully we’ll see Apple or VmWare release a fix soon.