Event ID 1053 DhcpServer Error Prevents DHCP Service from Starting

On a recent server project assisting another technician in town I was asked to configure DHCP on a Windows 2003 Small business Server. The site had a Westell modem handling dhcp and it would not allow proper configuration of dns for active directory. As a result we disabled DHCP on the westell and went forward configuring dhcp on the server. I started by installing DHCP but quickly found the service would not start. After checking the event viewer I was greeted by:

Event ID: 1053 DhcpServer

The DHCP/BINL service on this computer running Windows Server 2003 for Small Business
Server has encountered another server on this network with IP Address,,
belonging to the domain:

After a bit of research I found a fix – It’s a bit of a workaround but since the westell kept insisting on broadcasting that it was a dhcp server even though it was disabled I didn’t have much for options.

It turns out that SBS 2003 has built in rogue DHCP server detection and when it finds another server it prevents the dhcp service from starting. To disable the rouge detection enter the following dword registry key and start your dhcp server service.


Keep in mind that your server will not warn you when another dhcp server is present on your network so keep this in mind and use with caution. In my particular environment this was not an issue or a concern.