Outlook RPC over HTTPS doesn’t work in Windows 7

Several of us at the office have been trying out the new Windows 7 – It’s been a positive experience so far and quite a bit faster than Vista.  One problem popped up on all the machines – When we tried to configure Outlook 2007 to connect to our hosted exchange server (using the prf file so we knew it was configured right) it would continuously prompt for the password.

This appears to be the result of the way hosted exchange systems require the use of a full email as the username to differentiate between client domains.  Windows 7 doesn’t care for this and the connection fails.  It may take a bit of doing but if you find your domain name and username from your provider and enter it as follows:


You’ll find it functions perfectly.  The domain is not the domain name from your email it is something else – In our case I had to hit our server configuration and used the settings for configuring mobile activesync on my windows mobile device.  Our provider happens to use a special username to differentiate it’s users.  Once we found that we were happily reading emails again.