Easy Web Based Access to Amazon S3 storage

By now many of you have at least heard about Amazon’s move into online storage. I’ve been a long time user of the Amazon S3 storage system and have enjoyed it’s inexpensive data storage costs and easy access. My only wishes were for a web based interface to my data and an enterprise backup solution backed by the service.

Finally one of my wishes is fullfilled in the Jets3t Online Cockpit application

The Jets3t Suite of tools is a java based frontend to the S3 service which was of little interest to me with tools like Jungledisk already on the scene. That is until I found the online cockpit application.

JetS3t Cockpit is not only one of the fastest applications for accessing my online storage it is also a cross platform web based java app that allows me to access my files from any java enabled system. I tried it out on my Macbook Pro tonight and was extremely impressed to find it even supported drag and drop along with features like gzip compressions and an additional layer of encryption.

For those of you not on the S3 train I reccomend you check out Amazon’s S3 service and then give JetS3t a try.