Netflix Watch Instantly Fails with Error 8051

I’m on the new Netflix Silverlight Beta and it’s been great, better quality, works on my mac, all around a better setup. Today when I loaded a Netflix Watch Instantly movie I recieved “ErrorCode 8051 151” Unable to watch at this time.  I thought perhaps a glitch or some server maintenance however every movie I tried resulted in the same error.

Our Xbox and my wifes computer could stream them just fine so it was something computer specific.  I tried uninstalling recent applications, clearing cache, trying another browser, and reinstalling silverlight with no luck.

Finally after a lengthy call with netflix support we found a very simple solution.

Load a movie in the netflix player normally. Once the silverlight player is active right click on the windows and choose “silverlight configuration”. Next select the “Application Storage” tab and click “Delete All”. Try your movie again and all should be well.