XP Resolves DNS with nslookup but not ping, traceroute, etc.

Today I encountered an unusual problem on a client system, they had been installing windows updates when the computer ran low on memory resources and crashed.  Following the crash they had lost all internet connectvity.  After some troubleshooting I determined it to be a DNS problem.  We could Ping DNS servers but not resolve domain names.  Changing DNS servers did not help nor did repairing the TCP/IP stack and a dozen other things I tried.  SFC /scannow did not turn up even a single invalid system file and windows was up to date with the exception of SP3.  I came to the conclusion it had to be a corrupt system file or something of the sort and in a last ditch effort installed SP3 knowing that Service Packs replace and reconfigure a large part of the system.  Sure enough once the system rebooted connectivity was restored.  So, while I do not have the problem pinned down I did see several others encountering this issue online – My best advice is to reinstall the latest service pack.  If any of you uncover more information on this issue please leave it in the comments.