Synchronizing Apple Mail, ICal, and Address book with Exchange

I’ve been looking for a way to keep my Apple ICal, Address, Book and Mail in sync with my exchange for a while now.  I checked into stuff like Snerware’s GroupCal but that didn’t support Leopard.  Spanning Sync was a possiblity if I wanted to sync through Google Apps but that cost money and I wasn’t sure I wanted to do that just yet.  Then I remembered Plaxo.  Plaxo started out as a service to keep your contacts in sync as people updated their personal information but has evolved into a full blows social media network similar to linkedin or Facebook.  One Very cool thing that has come out of their background is integration with most Address books which includes a Tool for Windows and Outlook and one for Apple.  You run a simple configuration wizard and It syncs Your Calendar and Contacts (Including Groups and Multiple Calendars) between your systems as well as others like Yahoo, Google, and more.  Configure Mail for Exchange Via IMAP and Your good to go.  Not perfect as it still requires my Outlook be running for the Calendar to be up to date but It’s close.

You can Find Plaxo at  Check it out.